It all started in a shed...

Hop Shed Brew Pub

Our story goes all the way back to 2012. When our founder, Rob Bough, decided to build a brewery in a 15 sq metre shed. He bought it 2nd hand and the first of many building phases began. The brewery was popular, quickly gathering a local following on Gotland. Sweden.

In order to continue to grow, we decided to relocate the brewery to Stora Hästnäs. Visby.

This was a major turning point for the brewery, with the introduction of 3 new part-owners. Simon Svennefjörd, Jesper Sahlsten & Erik Engström. All offering there own unique skills for the future growth of the business. This was also the start of our second building phase. Once renovations were complete in 2015, we had increased our production space to a total of 65 sq meters.We had also increased our production capacity. From around 3000 ltrs per year- to our current 25000 ltrs per year. We currently have 5 products in systembolaget, 20 odd restaurants and bars serving our beer, and exciting experimental batches becoming born every year.

Growth continued, and we were probably the first crew to start doing beer bus tours in Sweden. We have travelled around the country from Gothenburg, to kalmar, to stockholm, representing our brewery at different beer festivals. And we even decided to have our own beer festival. So we did. 2019 will be our 3rd festival, with an all star line up of breweries, music, and activities.

2018 and the fun keeps going, with our latest addition to the hop shed crew, Christian Skyving. An all rounder kind of guy that helps ensure that things run smoothly. Weather he is helping run the bar at beer festivals, building interesting details, or just helping out in the brewery, he is one hell of a handy guy to have onboard.

And then came 2019 hurtling down on us, with our most challenging (yet exciting) year to date. We decided to build a Brew Pub. An extension of our smaller bar at the production brewery, were we could offer people a complete experience. From an amazing selection of craft beers, to good food, a brewery experience from our onsite brewery, and even a relaxing beer garden. And that’s where we are today. We hope you are excited about the project, and our growth as we all are. It’s been a crazy ride but in the end we hope we provide one of Gotlands (Swedens ?) most exciting venues for craft beer enthusiasts (And their friends :)

All made possible when you # DRINKLOCAL

Much love !

/Hop Shed Crew