Go Green- Go Growler
The ultimate way to enjoy Hop Shed's Folköl.
A Growler can be enjoyed at your home, or party.

It's as easy as Buy, Fill, Rinse, repeat

Filled & refilled Straight from our taps (Up to 3.5% alk)
Hop Shed Brew pub
Broväg 119, Stora Hästnäs, Visby
Gotland, Sweden

To Keep this beer at it's best
Keep it cold, Keep it closed, Keep it dark.
Consume within 24-72 hours of opening
(7 Days if unopened)

  Prices 150 kr per fill
  199 kr per growler

How it works

A growler is a two-liter glass jug that can be filled with beer and sealed. The growler is reusable, once empty please clean it and bring it back to us and we will be happy to re-fill it with beer again. A growler costs 199kr and is yours to keep.

They are a great souvenir, and the perfect present for your beer loving friends.

You can get your growler filled when-ever the brewpub is open.

We will carry a variety of beers from our own brewery, as well as other local breweries. We will keep the selection rotating so you can always try something new.

By Swedish regulations, we are only allowed to sell beer that is 3.5% ABV or below.

The shelf life of a growler is somewhat limited. To enjoy our product in its fullest we advise the beer should be consumed within 48 to 72 hours of filling. In other words, perfect to fill on Friday and enjoy it throughout the weekend! Once the growler is opened the beer needs to be consumed within 48 to 72 hours as oxygen will enter the container and begin to ruin the beer. Carbonation levels will be lower once opened and partially emptied.

It's important to keep the growler cold once filled to ensure the beer stays as fresh as possible.